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At its first level names and the code of external main minor functions, on the second - the main functions and on the third - auxiliary are specified. At the description and a graphic representation of communications between functions come to light useless (also neutral functions are harmful. Thus the method of the systematized analysis of functions is applied.

The functional and nodal method of design already of a plant louse telny time is applied in the radio-electronic industry and some other branches of mechanical engineering. Functional approach at improvement of the organization and production management is used insufficiently. In modern conditions of improvement of cost accounting and an intensification it has to be the basic that will allow to simplify production structure of branches and the enterprises, to exclude from - superfluous from the point of view of their working capacity and a target orientation links as in the industry in general, so N separate production and scientific associations.

where pi, - i-go operational technical characteristics on trebetelsky property counted in relative sizes; ni, - coefficient of the importance of i-go of consumer property in the general operational technical characteristics of a product (i.e. in the general functional usefulness or potrebitelny cost).

- the technical and economic analysis of structure of the considered system by its decomposition on rather simple elements (details, technological operations, production divisions, etc.), calculation of indicators of expenses for them and creation of real model - CM;

At combination of functions and their material carriers there are following three options: one detail (operation of those is process etc.). works for one function, one detail works for some functions of N some details realize one function. In this regard there is a need of determination of the importance already of details in realization of internal functions of the considered object.

FSA - a method of system research of functions, operability of various objects and costs of their realization. Most widely FSA is applied to technical objects products, their parts and details, the equipment, technological processes of production now. A main objective of the analysis thus - identification of reserves of decrease in costs of researches and development, production and operation of the considered objects. Except designing and technology of technical objects and field of activity of FSA organizational and administrative processes, production structures of the enterprises, associations and the research organizations join now. If to proceed from the general prerequisite of the system analysis, any element of difficult productive and economic system of a national economy meeting the requirements of the signs allocated above can be object of FSA.

Methodical provisions FSA of products and technology are worked rather deeply, are based on the uniform principles similar receptions and identical quantitative estimates. Let's consider the contents and the main stages FSA of products and technological processes, possibilities of their application of N of adjustment for use and economic calculations.

The central concept FSA - concept of functions: external manifestation of properties of object in the considered system of the relations, i.e. in certain, the concrete assumed or developed situation. It is known that set of useful properties of a product. determines its potrebitelny cost. The attention of the consumer is paid only to these useful properties. From here and communication of the functional and cost analysis with potrebitelny cost.