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Pride can appear at any grade level, even after the first experience of an enlightenment. Usually direct experience of an enlightenment strengthens the pupil in understanding of the Buddhism and its conviction in the value of the doctrine becomes really unshakable. However at this stage pupils are inclined to believe that they learned already everything that they already completely understand the Buddhism and do not need the Teacher.

Ideal of an emotional state in the Buddhism — compassion. It is possible to think of it as transtsendirovanny emotion feeling of unity with all beings. By means of training the individual gradually develops a condition of a naditativny identification in daily activity, conditions of a. Understanding emotional reactions in various situations more fully, the pupil gives in to their management less.

Deception or illusiveness characterizes the general condition of a complexity, a lack of realization, fluctuation. In whom this shortcoming prevails, find difficult to make the decision or to plunge into something. Their reactions and opinions are based on imitation, they have no own opinion. They do everything inattentively and carelessly. They are characterized by laziness, obstinacy, a complexity, fluctuations, haste and excitability/2/.

In other words, our bodies and our persons are made on the mortal, constantly changing components. An individual — no other than these changing components. When parts perish, also the individual perishes.

Gautama looked for ways of overcoming of suffering and limitation which seemed to it inevitable part of human life. It depicted the main characteristics of human existence as Four Noble Truth.