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The second assumption was as follows: a problem of strategy — acceptance of the correct. The existing operational systems have to transfer strategic decisions to concrete easily.

Idea of sequence and of planning and realization of strategy - the construction denying that fact that ­ planning defines implementation of all decisions.

As for the speed of changes, it should be noted that at their gradual implementation in each timepoint only one part of the organization is mentioned. Resistance has local character and does not find support from divisions, whose functions and tasks remained invariable.

The axiom of strategic management is as follows: to succeed in any branch, the company has to adhere to aggressive operational and competitive behavior. Only in this case it will manage to correspond to variability of demand and various market opportunities. Further we will call degree of this variability the level of turbulence of environment.

Enterprise ability has to be reduced from level 4 to 2-It means that the has to stop frequent technological of products (than she traditionally was engaged). It should reduce the frequency of innovations and to pass to gradual improvement of characteristics of production.

In this case we put with the general ability of the management to such activity of firm that it most met the requirements of the environment. Necessary ability is defined by future level of turbulence of the environment.

But not all heads are identical. Some in themselves, others are inclined to concern, one are proud, others — no, one actively look for the power and prestige, others to them are indifferent. Some people already by heads, others are doomed to submit. One of us since the birth differ in a rare and never change the planned course, others are open for changes and are always ready to study.

By the beginning of the XX century of the company had certain technological and commodity positions in the growing domestic markets. By this moment the most part of enterprise work was already done, and the main attention was paid to competitive behavior. So proceeded within the next fifty years.

Running forward, it is possible to tell that these explanations consists in the following. planning has to be applied in a complex with planning of opportunities of the management and management of the general process of strategic changes. Only then it is rather effective. In total these three processes closely connected among themselves are called as strategic management.

The experience which is saved up for the last twenty years to doubt all three assumptions. Transition of the company to the new markets, new technologies, costs of the similar enterprises usually surpass estimated, there are unforeseen delays, and the organization resistance to new undertakings.

As for merge and acquisition of the companies, in and this field of activity one disappointment is replaced by another. The acquired enterprises which made profit before, enigmatically become unprofitable; the key managers who came to firm at merge seek to leave it, despite all benefits; synergetic effects which had to be shown at association, do not.

Resistance to changes is not connected with opposition strategic a. Resistance arises always when an are not connected with last behavior of the organization, its culture and structure of the power. Considerable of strategy cause resistance not ­ to planning, but also all process of changes.

Moreover, that abilities of campaign were really effective, characteristics of ability and culture have to come from the same column if one or several characteristics do not correspond to abilities, organizational efficiency falls.

The found solution brought only temporary effect. Yes, the initial enthusiasm of the executive director introduction of strategic planning in firm. But once it switches attention to other, the organizational heat right there fades.

Other explanation of inability of the company to to a surrounding situation can be in her: strategic aggression is adjusted on the environment, but abilities of the company do not correspond to the chosen strategy.