6 Things Not To Write A Character Analysis Essay

How to write a story for a cae exam

At Louis XV France entered the period of the acute crisis of an absolutism. At Louis XVI the General controler Tyurgo tried to carry out reforms of bourgeois character, but they were broken by counteraction of exclusive estates that even more aggravated a revolutionary situation.

The French kingdom which arose in the IX century with disintegration of the franksky power Korolingov made essential change to social and economic development of the areas which were its part. During the period from IX-XIII centuries feudal dissociation and relations of production corresponding to it dominate. They defined class structure of society and the antagonistic relations between feudal lords and dependent peasants. The earth as the main means of production, became exclusive property of a ruling class.

During this period there is an obvious stratification of society of francs. The nobility towers over privates though the last remain personally free. Franksky peasants were settled in the seized territories by rural communities.

In process of strengthening of economic positions of the bourgeoisie and its strengthening its being opposite in relation to absolute monarchy grew in all spheres of life. She demanded cancellation of internal customs, reduction of duties, liquidation of privileges of clergy and the nobility, destruction of feudal orders in the village, etc.