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New definition of concept of a security (Art. 14 (introduction to it of an obligatory form and requisites; need of presentation of a security for its transfer; sufficiency of the proof of fixing of securities in the register (usual or computerized) for implementation and the transfer of rights certified by a security);

Other regulations. As it follows from the short analysis of sources of regulation of concrete types of securities, the great value is got by the regulations defining an order of issue and the mode of separate types of securities.

The developed market economy is characterized not only commodity markets, labor (work, but also the market of the capital, the financial market. The essence of the last is shown in functioning of securities market.

The bill as an instrument of payment is not inferior to money as it is possible to exchange, transfer, reflect it in the account the fact of the movement. Besides, in comparison with money it has even big advantage as it is difficult to forge it, taka as on all way of transfer inscriptions does not represent special work to find all the participants of the transaction obliged on the bill. However, similar it is possible only in the conditions of high technical and organizational support of circulation of bills. Otherwise, not to avoid emergence on securities market of false "friendly" bills, i.e. such, the debt on which is repaid at the expense of the means received as a result of the accounting of new bills. Also release and the acceptance of obligations to nonexistent firms is not excluded.