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The market of real estate means function of data together of buyers and sellers of the property rights to real estate via the mechanism of the prices. It possesses big prospect of development since operations with real estate have perspective value, i.e. give big return over time.

increase in a rent for citizens and their associations for housing construction, maintaining personal subsidiary, a sadovodchestvo and truck farming in rural settlements and in not settlements – for 0%, in the cities and settlements – for 40%

On a functional purpose of objects the market not of a personal property is subdivided into four main components: market of the earth (land site; housing market; market of non-residential premises, market of industrial real estate.

Rent rates, and also lease term differ for the rooms located in buildings of ordinary building and in the mansions which are under protection of the state as historical monuments.

Many enterprise structures show demand for rooms with a separate entrance or possibility of its equipment. The proximity of the room to the main city highways and convenience of an entrance to it of motor transport is of great importance, For certain clients the number of telephone lines is the same essential factor, as a site.

Because of various demand for one-room and multiroom apartments, it is necessary to design correctly on future ratio of these apartments for construction and further use: for letting, for sale with support of the state, for sale on a commercial basis, etc.

The changes happening in various spheres of life of society what it was mentioned earlier considerably influence development of the market of real estate, that is and development of the market of the land plots. In this regard there is a need of design on the basis of the received and analysed these operations with the land plots. In the analysis of these operations the main tendencies which were already enough created, and new tendencies which only appear come to light.

gratuitous and free use of public objects (foot and highways, objects of engineering infrastructure) which existed on date of transmission of the land plot in property

At division of market space many parts up and down will turn out, each of which will be characterized by belonging to some commodity sector and some consumer segment. This part of the market represents a niche where similar goods (works, services) are offered buyers with identical inquiries.

Thus, in general on the market of uninhabited real estate it is possible to tell that in spite of the fact that this segment constantly develops, additional introduction of various real estate objects is necessary for satisfaction of demand for them. Besides, investments into construction of facilities of welfare appointment as this sphere is generally noncommercial, that is not favorable to its development, but at the same time necessary for the population are necessary.

Distinguish labor markets, the financial capital, resources, goods, services and others, the Real estate belongs to a type of goods, at the same time its address in the market is closely connected with attraction of the financial capital, use of various resources and work.

The market of non-residential premises is presented by generally once redeemed or reconstructed rooms converted into offices. But during privatization appears more and more objects which are given in long-term rent or are sold by auctions of property by funds, i.e. local governing bodies. At the second stage of privatization the market of real estate will be replenished with industrial facilities and in even bigger degree objects of trade and service appointment.

The land plots can be built up (sites, on which or under which the enterprises are located, buildings or constructions) and vacant (sites, on which or under which the enterprises, buildings or constructions doing impossible building such a site are not located.

- primary which characterizes emergence of real estate as goods in the market. The state represented by federal, regional and local authorities acts as the main seller of real estate now