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There are also other plans. Good results are yielded by application of dispergators - the special substances connecting oil; processing of oil films iron powder with the subsequent collecting of "sawdust" a magnet. Are laid hopes on biological protection: in laboratories of firm "General the electrician" (SSh is created the supermicrobe capable to split UV molecules.

Partially to regain the centralized control of branch which is following from the structure of oil industry and having many positive moments (rational system petropro-water. It, however, does not mean full return to old model of management.

Having begun operation of oil fields and gas, people, without suspecting that, let out gin from a bottle. First it seemed that oil brings to people only benefit, but gradually it became clear that use has it also the back. That brings oil, advantage or harm more? What consequences its ? Whether there will be no they fatal for mankind?

Recently there were messages on a flash of a bottom of the sea within a field Ekofisk after extraction from its subsoil of 172 million t of oil and 112 billion m3 of gas. It is followed by deformations of trunks of wells and sea platforms. It is difficult for to predict, but their catastrophic character is obvious.

All this says that use of oil and oil products has to be very accurate, thought over and dosed. Oil demands to itself the attentive relation. It needs to be remembered not only to each oil industry worker, but also everything who deals with petrochemical products.

There would be an interest in acquisition of the oil processing equipment. Would receive incentive to development not only oil industry, but also machine-building enterprises, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and other branches.

The sad list of tanker accidents could be continued, but their share in oil pollution of the sea is rather small. Comes oil to water areas due to washing of tanks of tankers and dumping of this water 3 times more; by 4 times pollute the seas and oceans garbage of petrochemical plants more intensively, almost as much oil deliver also to accident of the sea boring.