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Ability of holograms of Fourier to store information successfully is realized in the holographic memories (HM). At creation of the last use of the principle of a page data recording in the form of a matrix of holograms with their addressing by a laser beam became standard.

The central problem of creation of holographic STORAGES is the choice of suitable material for creation of the working registering data carrier layer. The registering environment for holographic STORAGES has to meet to a number of requirements, the most essential among which are:

Holographic memories of constant type (GZPU) do not demand the reversive registering material possessing property of deleting. GPZU with the page organization and the addressed beam have the highest speed of the environment of similar systems. Record of holograms on a data carrier.

For obtaining color images the object is irradiated consistently with three lasers - red, blue and green and three holograms on red, blue and green flowers are created. At reproduction of the hologram installation also with three lasers is necessary.

- the low power threshold of record demanding the minimum density of energy of record (from 2-106 J/cm2 for the most widespread photosensitive materials of the Kodak 649 brand, to 100 J/cm2 for not alloyed photopolymer like RMM;