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It to be told about a most favored nation treatment in the majority of agreements (with Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Korea, China, Finland).

Features of new Regulations were flexibility of arbitration procedure and providing ample opportunities to the parties at an independent choice of arbitrators for settlement of dispute. The parties have the right to elect arbitrators of any persons possessing necessary qualification including foreign citizens. All efforts of arbitration court have to be reduced to increase of efficiency of arbitration trial, prevention of an unreasonable tightening of business and clearness at protection of the rights of the parties participating in dispute.

The international agreements, in case of carrying out such nationalization, oblige the contracting state to pay compensation sum, and to make it quickly and adequately. The order of payment and a procedure of payments of the sum of compensation is also provided in agreements.

Generalizing this definition it is possible to tell that foreign investments are the foreign capital - property in different types and forms, taken out from one state and enclosed in the enterprise (or business) in the territory of other state.

The respondent challenged competence of arbitration for motive of absence in constituent or other documents of joint venture of the instructions stipulating transfer for consideration to Arbitration court of disputes between any of founders and joint venture.

In many foreign countries insurance of noncommercial risks of foreign investors is carried out by various organizations. The organizations acting as insurers can be subdivided into the following groups:

Association of the capitals of several insurance companies and creation on this basis of an insurance pool can become the solution of this problem. The insurance pool has more ample opportunities on insurance of risks and reduces terms of implementation of obligations by the insurer. As the state takes part in partial financing of the effective investment projects which won at investment competitions, it could also participate in an insurance pool and assume obligations for partial compensation of damage. Besides possible participation of the state in an insurance pool it is also impossible to exclude option with attraction of the capital of the largest foreign insurance companies (such, for example, as "Lloyd's", "GERMES", etc.).