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Classification of the digital filters (DF) was offered in D. A. Gubanov and V. B. Stashenko's report the functional sign (i.e. the used algorithms of a digital filtration, but not circuitry decisions) is its basis according to which TsF are subdivided into 4 groups: filters of frequency selection, optimum (kvazioptimalna, adaptive and heuristic.

From drawing it is visible that the beginning of the program of the user can be located below the address 0004h. The address 0000h – a dumping vector, 0004h – an interruption vector. To these addresses before programming, as a rule, register unconditional transition to the program of the user and unconditional transition to the program of processing of interruption respectively. As in case of our system the device which is carrying out inquiry of interruption, one, to the address 0004h it is possible to register the beginning of the program of processing of interruption.

Further development of family of microprocessors is carried out within the concept of a processor kernel, general for all representatives of family which part 24-digit microprocessors with the fixed point are.

And tested in practice TsF of frequency selection are the most studied. They almost always represent the traditional analog filters of frequency selection realized on new element base. Performances of conferees showed that development of digital means of frequency selection happens in the following directions:

Microprocessors of TMS320C2x family have anlogichny architecture, but possess the increased productivity and wider functionality. All processors of family of generation can use on 64K of words of memory of programs and data, have 16 16-digit ports of input-output and a serial port.

On data processing of ATsP it is required as it was specified earlier, time. To increase efficiency and quality of system, it is necessary during the miscalculation of ATsP, instead of idle time and expectation of result of the miscalculation by system, to make calculations without participation of the current value of counting. Calculations with participation of the current value of counting have to be made through time equal 10Tad.

Within each family of microprocessors compatibility from below up system of teams is provided. The senior representatives of family possess big functionality and contain additional functional blocks on a crystal.