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The spring-sown field is sowed in the early spring and uses spring rainfall. The best conditions of its growth are temperature of 15 — 20 °C. The culture well transfers frosts. The vegetative period is estimated by a in 90 — 120 days. The sum of active temperatures is 1200 — 1700 °C. Requirements of a spring-sown field to the soil are similar to the winter. Among grades of a spring-sown field it is especially appreciated firm, with protein content and high baking. It highly is quoted in the world market. The best pasta, pies, cakes and other confectionery on tastes are made of a flour of this wheat.

The main directions of restructuring — this of land reform, formation of the market relations, a of forms of ownership, improvement of branch structure of LPK at special attention to priority a of the industry on processing of agricultural raw materials, creation of new small and joint ventures of the industry, especially in the rural occupied for a solution of the problem of employment of country people.

The poor development of root system causes a high of winter wheat to soil conditions. Best of all this culture develops on structural chernozems with the content of nutrients. Winter wheat does not the sour, peat, boggy and strongly salted soils. On sour soils the culture can be grown up only after their lime application.