It S Back To Write The Common App Essay Prompts

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Take as an example well-known to you firm. If it is difficult to you, simply imagine to yourself "the" firm. Develop at least in general "a tree the system of marketing communications of this firm is more whole". Define the main target audiences of communications of this firm.

The prospectus — the multipage edition, like the brochure which sheets are fastened. It is often used in prestigious advertizing and as means of public relations. Use of the prospectus for the detailed story about firm, its production, employees, etc. is expedient.

The leaflet submits the unilateral or bilateral image (text) placed on a leaf of rather small format. Practice shows expediency of release of a leaflet series. In this case the uniform form and elements of registration will facilitate recognition of goods of the advertiser.

Follow a concrete example of an advertizing appeal and illustrate actions at the choice of the media channel. Call types of periodicals known to you. How their characteristics influence nature of their use as media carriers?