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Principle of short-range interaction. The theory of relativity adheres to this treatment. According to it under ­ usually understand influence which renders the event which occurred earlier on the event which occurred later. Speed of transfer causal the of course also cannot exceed velocity of light in vacuum. This principle eliminates the mentioned paradox, at the same time restriction on possibility of an of a causal relationship between. According to it not everything, and only events can be among themselves in the relation of cause and effect. That is the event can have impact only on those events which occur after it, and cannot have the impacts on a made earlier. The contribution of the theory of relativity to development of ideas of causality is connected with such of its essence.

The philosophy of causality has the big importance as, disclosure of the contents and a specification of concepts have to lean on this or that concrete model of an interconnection of concepts. There are some models of the relationships of cause and effect accepted by classical physics. Historically it developed so that any model of these relations can be reduced to one of two main types of models or their combination.

Let's say contrary to the principle of short-range interaction that in some reference system the event And prichinno influences on In, and the speed of causal interaction exceeds velocity of light. It means that events settle down on some, connecting them, spacelike line. In that case there will be a reference system in which the event In will precede And.

The problem of causality most often in connection with quantum physics. Its in this science is caused by character quantum. From the point of view of quantum physics, the observer on the basis of knowledge of conditions of quantum object, in a, cannot unambiguously define its future state. It can define only probability of such state. Therefore inevitably there is a task — to find out a of the reason of probabilities, and also the mechanism of their combination to an objective of quantum processes.

The concept of causality is multiple-valued. In various branches of knowledge and even in of one science the different contents is quite often put in the term "causality". Sometimes understand generation process as causality the consequence reason, sometimes — influence which renders one phenomenon on another. There is also such treatment, considers causality as a predictability on the basis of knowledge of the phenomena — the new phenomena etc. conducts disputes on what understanding of causality is true. However searches of true value of causality if under the last a certain universal and unique value, are fruitless. The main are of causality, based on two physical theories.

Thirdly. The essential moment of the doctrine about causality, is the statement about its invariancy. It the following. Let's say that there are two events And and Century. These events ­ on some time-like line in Minkowski's space. If And there is B reason in some inertial reference system, A is the reason of B and in some other inertial reference system moving concerning the smaller velocity of light, the first with a speed. Invariancy of causality means that the line which is time-like in one reference system is time-like and in another.

First, she claims that causality is the relation not between things, and between events. Speaking to, such understanding of causality is compatible and to classical physics. here communication between events can be replaced with communication between things. From a point a of the theory of relativity, concept the is necessary for a of the principle of causality. The concept of an event which is characterized not only a place where it occurred, but also time when it occurred, gives the chance to existential conditions of relationship of cause and effect.

It should be noted that the restriction imposed by the theory of an on causality is not purely negative. It not only narrows ­ prichinno the connected events, but also leads to reconsideration of the content of concept of causality.